The Industry that Changed the World

The First Automobile

Despite First Being Developed By Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot In 1776, The Self-Propelled Mechanical Vehicle, Or Car, Has Only Been The Worlds Primary Means Of Conveyance For Little More Than A Century. However, In This Short Time, It Became The Machine That Changed The World. Creating Hundreds-Of-Millions Of Jobs, Allowing People To Live Beyond The Confines Of The City And Commute To Work, Providing Personal Transport For Long Distance Travel, Generating A New Hobbyist Culture, And Branching Off Into Industries Like Custom Car Audio And Aftermarket Performance. The Automobile Jump-Started Many Industries As Well, Like Drive-Ins And Drive-Thru’s, Drive-In Theatres, And Malls. These Developments Represent Countless Jobs Throughout The World, Which Leads To A Final Stat. If You Look At A Chart Of The Worlds Population From Year 1 Through Now, Is It Simply A Coincidence The Population Booms At About The Same Time As The Auto Industry? By The End Of The 1950’S 1 In 6 American’s Were Employed By The Auto Industry, With Many Other Countries Falling Closely Behind. This Rise In Employment Opportunities Made Large Families Affordable. The Machine That Changed The World Built The Industry That Changed The World.